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"The thought of a university education was quite out of reach as a child. I was raised in the inner-city and from a family that had limited financial resources. The financial burden this would have placed on my family was too great. "     

Deno Moss Senior Global Wealth Advisor Scotia Wealth.

The Tomlinson Scholarship was founded by Joseph Tomlinson in 1986.  Mr. Tomlinson, a former MIT Engineering graduate himself, fully recognized the importance and impact on how an education can truly change the trajectory of one’s life.

After relocating to The Bahamas with his family, he soon realized the immense talent the islands possessed.  One of the core values of Mr. Tomlinson was to give back to the community he and his family were part of. 

As a result, Mr. Tomlinson along with his wife Elodie, founded the Tomlinson Scholarship.  Their goal was to seek out the brightest young Bahamians and provide an opportunity for them to realize their educational dreams by attending a Canadian university.  They focused on those worthy students who otherwise would be unable to afford such an opportunity.  Keeping in alignment with Mr. Tomlinson’s vision he focused in supporting undergraduate professional degrees. Mr. Tomlinson’s strategy was by investing in the youth of today, this would be an investment in building a better Bahamas tomorrow.

The family have continued the scholarship after the passing of Mr. & Mrs. Tomlinson with the same vision and mission as originally intended.  To date, in excess of 80 Bahamians have received university educations.  These same Bahamians now hold prominent positions in the country today and their contribution continues to manifest Mr. Tomlinson’s goal of investing in Bahamians and improve families and communities in turn.

The Tomlinson Family Scholarship Foundation is committed to continuing Joseph Tomlinson’s legacy in building this great nation by empowering young Bahamians through education.

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