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Our previous scholarship

recipients in their own words

John Rolle, Governor Central Bank of The Bahamas

John Rolle
Central Bank of The Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas

“The Tomlinson Scholarship allowed me to immediately extend my education beyond the two-year exposure provided by the College of The Bahamas.  It helped open pathways to all of the career opportunities that have since followed.  Far more than just the financial assistance my family could not provide, this was organised mentoring and support on the highest level. 


“Knowing  of the scholarship while I was still in high school set me in the right direction to focus on top tier universities in Canada and the UK. Then, when I was enrolled, far away from home, I belonged to an active network of scholars.  This new family structure eased the transition into university life, otherwise an extremely difficult process. Our network remains strong and and continues to expand. It is one of the defining institutions of the Tomlinson Scholarship.  


“Joseph and Elodie Tomlinson understood the importance of what they started, and would indeed be proud with the results.”

Chaunse A. Willis Allstate Canada

Chaunse A. Willis

Actuarial Risk Analyst

Allstate Canada

"The day I got the call from the Tomlinson foundation was the day my life began anew. While my acceptance to university had come some months before, getting there was a whole other story. I knew nothing about moving to Canada and I definitely didn’t have the means to get there. The education I have been able to receive has not been limited to just what was taught in my university lectures; I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in a well-developed insurance industry and learn first-hand actuarial methods, concepts and techniques from industry leaders whom I would not have had the pleasure of meeting otherwise. Even outside of academia, life has been nothing short of an adventure with the friends I have made while here in Canada. I’m not sure where my life would be right now had it not been for the Tomlinson family, but I can say for certain it’s better now than I could have imagined!"

Deno Moss Scotia Wealth

Deno Moss

Senior Global Wealth Advisor

Scotia Wealth.

The thought of a university education was quite out of reach as a child. I was raised in the inner-city and from a family that had limited financial resources. The financial burden this would have placed on my family was too great. This viewpoint changed in 1985.


In 1985, I was blessed with the news that I was chosen as one of the recipients of the Tomlinson Scholarship.  I will be eternally grateful that I was afforded this opportunity, as it provided an avenue to a higher-level education and provided exposure to new cultures, challenges, and choices.    


I was overjoyed by my selection. It meant that others saw greatness within me and that they expected that greatness to blossom. Indeed, the scholarship engaged me in a community of elites. The benefit of membership in the Tomlinson Scholars is the reminder that we are not alone in our pursuit of knowledge. Indeed, this little community also allowed us to constantly measure ourselves- not against the other, rather it made us look inward and ask, “Am I being all that I can be?”


When all is said and done, I want to know that I have given my all to place hope in the lives of those I interact with- a hope reminiscent of that which has been afforded to me not only through the scholarship created by the late Joseph Tomlinson, but also by the ongoing support that his family continues to offer to Bahamian minds

Miguel Colebrook Vinson & Elkins

"What does the Tomlinson Foundation mean to me? It represents the provision and/or expansion of opportunities to realise a goal. It is a support network that is willing to invest in dreams when they are intangible. It reflects a permission structure that empowers young individuals with burgeoning aspirations to diligently press forward in that pursuit. Succinctly stated, it represented a key for me (and others like me) to unlock a pathway to success and for this I am eternally grateful to the Tomlinson Foundation."

Miguel Colebrook


Senior Associate

Mergers & Acquisitions and

Capital Markets Practice Group

Vinson & Elkins

Alarice Grant.jpg

Alarice Grant

Senior Assistant Secretary

at Bahamas of Foreign Affairs

For me, the Tomlinson Scholarship was the key that opened a door to a world of opportunities. Initially, the Scholarship afforded me an invaluable opportunity to pursue my undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, one of the top comprehensive universities in Canada. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I embarked on an international career working at the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the United Nations in New York and as a diplomat for the Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Further academic pursuits included a Master of International Management in International Business from Schiller International University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Oxford on a Chevening Scholarship, which is one of the most prestigious and competitive UK scholarships for international students.

Anthia Butler Baha Mar

Anthia Butler

Vice President of

Special Events & Promotions

at Baha Mar.

I am most grateful to the Tomlinson Scholarship Foundation for their continued generosity and support in affording Bahamian students the opportunity to further their studies in tertiary education. In 2003, I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor, and I remain deeply appreciative of the Foundation and their efforts. The financial assistance provided by this merit-based scholarship was a great help to me in paying my educational expenses, and allowing me to focus more of my time on studying at The University of Western Ontario where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Management & Organizational Studies with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Spanish. Upon receiving the scholarship, I made a promise to work very hard and eventually give back to others. I graduated with honors and my successful and exciting career in Tourism and Hospitality here in The Bahamas spans 15 years. I remain passionate about community, youth development and education. Thanks again to the Tomlinson Scholarship Foundation for putting my personal and professional goals within reach! 

Zhivargo Laing WYZ Consulting

Zhivargo Laing

Chief Executive Officer

WYZ Consulting Limited

When I desperately desired to further my college education but had no financial means to do so, my search led me to an advertisement in the newspaper from the Tomlinson Foundation. It offered $10,000 per year to study in either the United Kingdom or Canada in several specific fields. Though I was interested in an area other than those provided, I determined that it was better to pursue further education in one of them than not to further my education. I chose economics and applied for the scholarship by writing the required essay and being interviewed by Mr. Donald Tomlinson. It would be some days later when I got that faithful call from Mr. Tomlinson asking, "So you want to go to university, do you?" I said, "yes," to which he responded, "Well, you are going. All I need is your university acceptance letter." I was ecstatic.  My dream of furthering my college education was coming true.  When I contacted the university about my acceptance, at first, they seemed unable to confirm whether I was accepted or not. Then I mentioned that I had secured a Tomlinson Foundation Scholarship, which almost immediately produced positive news of my acceptance. While economics was not my preferred field of interest when I applied for the Tomlinson scholarship, it became my passion and has paved the way to a fulfilling career and world of incredible experiences. Through that education, I provided comfortably for my family, contributed to my nation, explored the world, and grew as a person and leader. I have served as a member of parliament and cabinet minister, including minister responsible for finance, in The Bahamas. I now serve at the Executive Director of the Government and Public Policy Institute at the University of the Bahamas, our nation's primary tertiary education institution, and my alma mater.  The Tomlinson Foundation Scholarship was a huge part of making all this possible. I remain forever in the Tomlinson family's debt for giving me an opportunity that I might not otherwise have had. University doesn't only provide one with academic degrees; it also provides for personal growth through the many opportunities to explore a broad array of ideas and meet a diverse group of people to enrich one's social network. Once again, I thank you, Tomlinson family, for what you have done for me and so many others through your generous scholarship. I genuinely hope that we have honoured your kindness with the lives we have lived.


Errol Davis

Power Generation Systems,

Operation and Maintenance Engineer, B.Eng.Sc.,

EMBA, Entrepreneur

Growing up in Minnie Street and later in the Marathon Estates area, attending Claridge Primary, CI Gibson and RM Bailey, you were considered a success if you remained focused  to graduate from high school with a few GCE'S and avoid  getting in trouble with the Police. Being the 3rd oldest  child in a family of 8  children, (father a jitney driver and mother a housewife ) I could only dream of higher education because I knew my family, even though supportive, could not afford it and I had five (5) younger siblings behind me. I still had dreams of attending  the then College of the Bahamas and I enrolled in the work- study program in order to pay my school fees, until I was able to get a job at Batelco in the final semester to complete an associates degree in Electronics and to assist my family with household expenses. I wanted to complete my studies at the Bachelor's level, but could only save enough for one year after almost three (3) of savings, to attend Norfolk State University. This wasn't going to work, as I could only afford one year of university. I applied and was successful in obtaining a scholarship from The Tomlinson Scholarship and the trajectory of my life was  forever changed . I was afforded the opportunity to attend the University of Western Ontario where I obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering . A career followed at BEC/BPL and I was able to work up the  ranks to Director of Generation, obtained an Executive MBA , a vast amount of training and  experience in the Power Generation Industry, which have  afforded me the  opportunity to serve my country as a Director of BEC/BPL Board. Without the financial support of the scholarship, I would not have otherwise been able to attend an outstanding institution such as UWO and graduate from such a prestigious Engineering Program.  The international experience is also invaluable because I became more open minded to other cultures, differing world views from my own and became more  tolerant and respectful of those differences.

The story of my life has been an inspiration to the rest of my family and childhood friends. It demonstrated  that high aspirations and goals were within our reach, but in order for someone to help you, you have to first demonstrate that your are committed in trying to uplift yourself in spite of your circumstances.


The Tomlinson Scholarship has been life changing and I am very grateful to the family for taking a chance on me.

HeadShotEtoilePinder 2.jpeg

I was incredibly fortunate to be the recipient of a Tomlinson Scholarship which financially empowered me to pursue my undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College in Biochemistry. My time and interactions during those years led me to my graduate degree in the Evaluative Clinical Sciences. That educational experience was transformational in helping me evolve from a small island girl raised in Eleuthera to the President of a global consulting firm where I have managed social development projects in over a dozen countries. Additionally, it provided me with the strong foundation needed for my work as the local coordinator for both UNICEF and the United Nations Development Programme, here in The Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian.

Etoile Pinder

Emergency Co-ordinator for

The Bahamas


Brandon Taylor


Thanks to the Tomlinson Scholarship, I was able to complete a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geography at McGill University. This was one of the most important and enjoyable periods of my life, as I was able to live in and experience a country, culture and series of environments vastly different to The Bahamas, and gain a wider perspective on the world and people around me. Simultaneously, I was able to put my passion for better understanding relationships between people and the natural environment in The Bahamas to good use by completing a research thesis on climate vulnerability across the islands. The support I was given by the Tomlinson Scholarship was immensely important to my successful completion of the programme and I am extremely grateful. After graduating in 2021, I am currently in Ireland completing a Master’s programme in Coastal and Marine Environments at NUI Galway, with the hopes of gaining experience and understandings that are applicable in a Bahamian context.


Thank you again for your support over the last few years.

Chandler Darville_Photo.jpeg

The Tomlinson scholarship has assisted me in attending my top choice university after graduating high school. This scholarship means that I can go to one of the top engineering universities in Canada without putting as much financial strain on my family. I feel lucky to have this opportunity to study at the University of Toronto and I am focusing on getting the best education possible.

Chandler Darville



Owen Taylor


The Tomlinson Foundation has given me the opportunity to pursue a degree in Commerce at one of the top ranked schools in the world. The University of Toronto (UofT) is a well-known institution not only in Canada, but throughout the world. The immense weight behind a degree from UofT will hopefully position me on track for a stable career once I graduate. Being in the city of Toronto, I have access to a number of internships in the financial and economic sector (my planned field of study) that will help me gain valuable experience in real-life settings. As I continue forward, I plan to pursue these internships and bring my acquired skills and experience back to the Bahamas. Aside from the academic benefits that the Tomlinson scholarship has provided, it has also allowed me to pursue my passion for baseball at the university level. At UofT, I am a member of the varsity baseball team. We recently won the Ontario championship, going undefeated through the whole season! Playing for my university team has created great friendships that I cherish everyday. I am eternally grateful to the Tomlinson Foundation for providing me with this scholarship and will continue to do my absolute best throughout my university experience.


“Walk by faith and not by sight”. This is a quote that has cultivated into a life mantra when I was granted the Tomlinson Family Scholarship. Personally, this scholarship has helped me to have more gratitude for my blessings. Furthermore, it has sparked a desire to help other persons who may not have the same opportunities as I in the future.  I believe that receiving this scholarship has made me feel more secure in my belief that I can be a successful black man in today’s world. I will be forever grateful for having received this scholarship.

Richuan Moss


“The Tomlinson Scholarship has provided me with the wonderful opportunity to advance my education in business without financial strains. Their generosity played an instrumental role in the completion of my studies, which enables me to reach my goals and dreams. Their investment in the future of young Bahamians is remarkable and something my family and I are incredibly grateful for. There are truly not enough words to express my utmost gratitude for the Tomlinson Scholarship and the kindness of those encountered at the foundation. I would not be where I am today without their help.”

Savannah Seymour


Savannah's Picture_edited.jpg
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