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Top Scholarships for Bahamian Students

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Choosing only the brightest & strongest Bahamian candidates

Parents and students! Each year, the Tomlinson Scholarship Foundation provides one exceptional Bahamian student with a grant to attend one of several prestigious universities in Canada. The goal of the Tomlinson Scholarship is to remove the obstacle of financial need so that the brightest Bahamian students can get the best education possible and shine on an international stage. Candidates are chosen based on academic merit, while favoring those in financial need who have demonstrated strong leadership qualities and moral character.

The Tomlinson Scholarship program is the most successful in the nation because only the strongest candidates are selected.

The scholarship provides:

  • An annual grant up to US $15,000

  • A wide range of approved programs and universities

  • An incentive to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA

  • An incentive to return to the Bahamas to pursue a career

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Terms & Conditions:

Recipients are required to continue with their approved major throughout the duration of the scholarship unless a change is approved by the Selection Committee. Students must maintain an overall average of at least 65% (or “C”) at all times, and at least a 70% average (or “B-”) in their major courses starting in the second year. Recipients must pledge to return to The Bahamas upon graduation to pursue their careers, and are encouraged to become members of the Tomlinson Scholars’ Alumni Association and participate in Tomlinson Alumni functions to help ensure that other Bahamians may benefit from the opportunities they have enjoyed. The proceeds from this award may only be applied towards Approved Costs such as tuition, books, accommodation, food, health insurance, and air fares. 

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